Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TUESDAY .............

Le Mans won very easily last night ( posted on Friday) and that selection along with the Boulogne "over" more than covered the losses on the Blackburn Rovers- Manchester United game, where we were a little unfortunate. Maybe I should be blaming myself for not being braver and opting for the full time draw in the match at Ewood Park, but it is often easier and better for one's mental health to blame someone else, so it is a toss up between Brett Emerton for daring to score, or Nani for hitting the crossbar with a first half close range header !

Le Mans were actually written in my notes as a double staked selection, my only one of the last seven days, but I had to "disguise" it a little in the blog, but those who received the email will know how keen I was on them and that I felt it was vital to get on as soon as possible. They traded as low as 1.79 through the day, but increased back up to 1.90 before kick off ( maybe higher), not sure why, but the result was never really in doubt and they were 3-0 up by the break.

No blog selections for me today, regular readers will probably know what I think about the Championship playoff game tonight in any case. However, I have just put up three previews for tomorrow and providing the odds hold up, I will post one, maybe two of them here tomorrow.

Still no phone call from Griffin Park btw, I have to go out for an hour or two, hope they have my mobile number !

Good Luck.

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