Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Farnborough won 1-0.

Looking in a little more depth at the five years results posted below. Hard for me to pick any real weak spots, maybe you can find some.

The most bets were (unsurprisingly) played in the Football League/ Non League section where I made a profit every single year and came in at +13.11%. EPL results, which may surprise some of you, were even stronger at +19.52% and Scotland where I was also in the black every year, came in at just a shade under 17%.

Domestic cup games have also made a profit every season and produced 22.14% overall and long term readers will not be too shocked to learn that I "milked" the pre season friendlies with a whopping 41.12 % profit.......... unheard of in asian markets.

So very strong across the board in UK domestic football. However, there is still plenty to look forward to in the summer , not only do we have the pre season games on the horizon but summer leagues in Scandinavia (23.49%), Ireland ( 20.89%) and USA ( 33.77%) to say nothing of Tennis ( 21.7%) and Golf ( 24.24%), all augur incredibly well for the months ahead.

Good Luck.

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