Monday, January 21, 2013

Free newsletter service ......

We are about to start using the clubgowi  free newsletter service on a regular basis, we sent out a copy today with some snippets of news and a preview for tonight's football. If we are going to publish 4-5 previews for free per week, it is likely that three of them will be on there. So I urge you all to sign up as soon as possible. It will take a maximum of 20 seconds, a name and email address is all that is required, you will then get a confirmation email where all you need to do is click the link to identify yourself.

It is totally safe and secure, you will only ever receive emails from clubgowi and at the end of this month/ first week in February, there will be a valuable free package sent out to everyone who has registered.

If you are already using Feedburner, or are in the GOWI database, you will have to sign up to continue receiving free product from us.

Good Luck.

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