Wednesday, January 09, 2013

GOWI links and results 2006-2012 ............

 Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests (GOWI)

Website launched January 2nd 2013
Blog  4,000 + posts, one million + hits, active since March 2006
Twitter  1,600 + followers after just 4 months

2006 STAKES 991.5 RETURNS 1,154.806 ROI 116.46 %
2007 STAKES 1,187.5 RETURNS 1,331.677 ROI 112.14 %
2008 STAKES 482.5 RETURNS 664.675 ROI 137.75 %
2009 STAKES 548.5 RETURNS 642.43 ROI 117.12 %
2010 STAKES 225.13 RETURNS 259.585 ROI 115.30 %
2011 STAKES 162.25 RETURNS 171.025 ROI 105.41%
2012 STAKES 260.75 RETURNS  304.885 ROI 116.93 %

TOTALS: STAKES 3,858.13 RETURNS 4,529.083 ROI 117.39 %

These are my updated stats for the last seven years. These are for "free to view" content only.
Free to view means for previews that appeared on the Gambling and Other Wholesome Interests blog and also, in the latter half of 2012 on the GOWI Facebook page.

These are staggering returns over such an extented period, well over 3,000 bets and almost all on asian handicap markets.

Through the first couple of years I posted almost all of my selections on the blog, now only about 10% of my output is free to read, everything else is only available to read on the daily email service.

I have had a roller coast ride this year on the email service, we were running at a ROI of 122% + at the end of the summer, which was totally unsustainable given the volume of selections, for the 37 weeks ending December 16th this was down to a ROI of 113.54% from 875+ previewed events/matches, 774 red type selections, with stakes of 970.25 units, returns 1101.75 and profit of 131.5 points. Those are pretty good figures for 9 months and circa 800 selections, but I suspect the next couple of months could be even better as variance says the roller coaster is likely to hit the upward curve again.


Good Luck.

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