Wednesday, January 02, 2013


The brand new website is now live and you can view it at

This is very much Phase 1, there will be a lot of additional features on there in the future.

There is a full preview to read there offering a long term selection available to bet at big odds.
You will also notice that we have a sponsor, , we may as well use the website, so you can read all about them on the "our sponsor" tab.

All the basic information is there, if you have any question(s) to ask about Ibramarket, I would be happy to try and answer them and if I cannot, direct you to someone who can .

I have used them for several years and have known the owners for much longer.

I know from emails you have sent me, that several of you already bet with them, or previously used them under their former trading name of Sportmarket/ 5pmarket.

Should you decide to give them a try, or to reactivate an "old" account there, please mention GOWI when doing so, as that will have a positive benefit for both of us.

These are very exciting times at clubgowi and the new website and sponsorship is only just the begining. I would like to offer you all the chance to sign up as a member, which means that you will not only get to hear about, but also to try out all our new services first and ahead of the pack, this is entirely free and a very simple process.

All you have to do is complete the sign-up form, on the right hand column of the website, which requires just your name and email address, it should take less than one minute.

As a member you will receive regular free emails, there will be one later this week which will include 5-6 full match previews and a statistical look at the weekend fixtures, which you will not want to miss.

You will always be kept up to date with everything we are doing at clubgowi and there will also be a bonus members "package" sent out at the end of this month to the first 500 people to register, which will include a whole host of valuable and completely free offers

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