Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I feel Milan will be too strong for Gordon Strachan's Celtic side, who do not travel well in Europe, especially in the Champions League.

They are 0-1-11 on their travels and conceded 3 at each of Manchester United, Benfica and Copenhagen in their group games. At some stage tonight, this game has to open up and I am siding with the "over".

Arsenal have to win, or they are out and with little to play for the rest of the season, this would be an absolute disaster, especially with a new stadium to fill and pay for. They dominated the early play in Eindhoven and will be looking for a fast start tonight against the injury ravaged PSV defence.

This will not be easy, but there can be no excuses and it is time for TH to produce the goods.

I also think there has to be goals in the Bayern-Real game, they produced 5 in the first match and with both sides likely to be nervous, as the outcome will define the season for these two, there could be errors.

4 points over 2.25 goals Milan-Celtic 1.92 asian line.

5 points Arsenal -1/2 ball 1.55 Betfair.

4 points Bayern-Real over 2.25 goals 1.84 asian line.

Good Luck.

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