Saturday, March 03, 2007


Really interesting final here, with world numero uno, Roger Federer, facing the bang in form, Mikhail Youzhny.

I can sense an upset here, it just "feels" right. Fed-ex has won 40 in a row and there is no point in discussing him in detail, suffice to say we are probably talking about the best player of all time. However, this is a man on a mission and the whole early part of this season, can only be geared towards Roland Garros.

Heard an amazing interview with him last night, where he basically said that, everyone knows that in training, Mikhail has always been as good as anyone in the world, now he is producing it on the court.

Definitely think the Russian can take a set and a lay of Federer 2-0, looks good.

LAY 6 points Federer 2-0 sets 1.52 Betfair ( exposure 3.12).

Football all the way now.

Back later.

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