Saturday, March 10, 2007

SATURDAY PLANS ...........

First a quick look back at yesterday ....... aargh !

Roda could not find a way to break down 10 man Utrecht, but worst of all, Wrexham took the lead and then had TWO men sent off, with over a third of the match still to play. They managed to hold on until the 3rd minute of injury time, when Bury snatched an equalizer, it can be a cruel game sometimes!

As normal on a Saturday there is plenty to keep us occupied, I will try to get all the English football online by 14.00 cet, which will leave the afternoon free to look at the rest of Europe. I definitely have one selection in France tonight and we will have to have a quick look at the Barcelona-Real Madrid fixture, where the two Champions League failures meet in a match that probably neither needs, right at this moment.

Back later.

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