Monday, October 29, 2007


I am going to side with the Broncos, they owe me a win and are desperate for the victory that will put them firmly in the hunt for a division title.

I like Brett Favre, who has given me plenty of entertainment over the years, many years, but he has always struggled against the Broncos, putting up his lowest ever numbers, against any NFL team. He has yet to throw a touchdown pass in Denver, where the Pack always struggle.

Get the feeling that GB will come out of their normal game plan, they throw the ball 68% of the time, but that is unlikely to work against the Broncos number 1 ranked pass defense. So they have used their bye week, to try and develope a running game, but that might take longer than an extra seven days ! Just because they want to run the ball, doesn't just make it happen.

Both teams are banged up, but given their home field advantage and greater need, plus the fact that they managed to move the ball consistently against the Steelers number one ranked defence last week, it is the Broncos for me.

4 points Denver -3 points 1.98 Pinnacle/ Vegas.

Good Luck.

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