Thursday, October 11, 2007


The golf from Wentworth has been delayed this morning, we have a lot of fog in the South East.

I have two football selections on the newsletter today, unfortunately, on a day when there are limited opportunities, it will not be possible to post either on the blog, that would be unfair to subscribers.

In the last three weeks, I have written previews of 117 football matches on the email service , 70 have produced winning selections, almost spot on 60%. Including winners at odds of 4.80, 4.50, 4.10 and 3.00. Over the last week alone, 25/41, or 61% have been successful.

However, these are just the basic results and I feel that the information contained within the newsletter, is of equal value, especially with reference to trends, teams to follow and the general approach to analysing matches. With a little fine tuning and personal knowledge, which I am sure, you all have, profits could be even greater. For a couple of dollars per day, I doubt that there is better value on the internet.

Details of the email service can be found here.

Good Luck.

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