Friday, October 12, 2007


Both of yesterday's golf bets won very easily, as has every selection on the blog the week. I have written 5 previews, the three football teams won at scores of 2-0, 5-2 and 3-1, the golfers 6&5 and 4&2 for an almost 25 point profit. This, in probably one of the quietest sporting midweeks of the year, if you know of any site, service, or individual that has done better in the past 4 days, then believe me they are good ( or lucky) and kindly send me a link.

I have written previews of six matches on the email service, five for today and one tomorrow, where I am sure that the odds will tumble through the day. I will probably put one of these on the blog late afternoon, but only one at most. Sorry about that, but the majority of write ups will have to be restricted to subscribers.

However, I have a little more leeway over the weekend, when there are more matches and am very likely to be able to post more then. I will definitely be looking at the World Matchplay semi-finals overnight, or very early tomorrow, for any golf fans amongst you.

Good Luck.

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