Monday, October 01, 2007



38 is the magic number here. That is exactly the score that New England have posted in each of their three wins this season and when these two met, on this same day last year ? That's right 38-13.

Running back Laurence Maroney had a huge game that day and under normal circumstances, he would be in for special attention this time round. But, NE have added a number of offensive options, the most potent of which is Randy Moss, already setting records after just 3 starts, with 22 receptions, 403 yards and 5 TD's. So the porous Bengals defense, ranked last against the pass last year and that has already given up 51 points to Cleveland, looks in for a very long evening.

Cincinnati also have a knack of shooting theirselves in the foot and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.Just do not see them posting a big enough number, or having the ability to restrict the Patriot offensive.

Bengals are just 6 from 16 since that defeat in 2006, which totally shattered their confidence.

5.5 points New England -7.5 points 1.98 Pinnacle/ Vegas.

Good Luck.

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