Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TUESDAY ROUND UP ....... at the blog with Cash for all !

The sole blog selection won, with Hartlepool running in five goals away from home. They did almost as well as subscribers, who, with 4 of the five selections winning, including one at odds of 4.50 have banked another huge profit on the day.

I am definitely going to take another 25 subscribers to the email service, after which time it is likely to be capped, or newcomers after that time, may have to pay a premium to join. If you are seriously considering signing up, I suggest you do so asap.

I still wish to put free posts on the blog, but the whole ethos of GOWI is about giving selections which offer value for money and it is a simple fact that subscribers have the previews 5-6 hours before they appear on the site. Which means that they are normally gambled through the day and I feel unable/unwilling to post anything, where all the value has been sucked out of a bet.

If I was not writing the previews, I would willingly pay ten times what the subsciption costs to receive the information, let alone the price of a daily newspaper. Believe me, at comparable rates, there is not a better service on the internet.

Details of the email service can be found on this link.

Good Night !

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