Monday, March 10, 2008


No, I am not just talking about the battering that the email service has been giving the bookmakers, but the very high winds that are pounding the UK and that might play havoc with fixtures, over the early part of this week.

In the "archive" section of the new website you can read all the emails sent to subscribers, going back to September 23rd, some 161 days, so a very large sample.

Over this period the service has made a profit of 320.92 points.

What does this mean in real terms ?

If you backed every selection to a US$25 unit stake, the biggest single bet you would have placed during this sequence, would have been US$175 and that, very rarely. Your profits work out at 320.92 X US$25 , which equals US $8,023, your total subscription charges would have been a maximum of US$476 over the five and a half months. Leaving you with a clear profit of US $7,547, an average of $328 every single week.

The sums are pretty much the same whatever stakes you use, using 10 euro units, your biggest bet 70 euros and profit after paying for your subscription, 2,875 euros.

If you want to be a little more cautious, £3 units, mean that only rarely would you have placed a wager of over £20, actually, £21 on three occasions, your net profit would total almost £713 after deducting subscription fees.

I have readers that have made much more out of the service, not just by betting higher stakes, but by being selective and using a little personal knowledge to fine tune their selections,or, by using the information within the newsletter to pinpoint future winners and become better all round gamblers.

Unlike other services which make outrageous claims, all I have ever targeted have been sustained long term profits, sometimes we will have a losing run, that is unavoidable, this is gambling for goodness sake, but by taking a professional, business like approach, we will attempt to keep those to a minimum and usually end up on the right side.

Many of you have been with me a long time, some of you have been reading my posts on the blog for two years, you know how good they have been, arguably the best free service on the internet. The email service provides a far superior service , that is the best recommendation I can give.

If you are not making regular profits from your betting, then you need a little help !

Good Luck.

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