Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have always emphasized that the only aim of the service is to provide long term profits, no one can win all the time, that is impossible.

There will be extended winning spells, when it seems impossible to lose and just when your confidence is at a peak, the losers will come, that is called variance. It is something like a roller coaster ride, you can try to make the track a little smoother, but the highs and lows will come, the secret is that we spend more time at the top and limit our losses at the bottom.

After a very good run, I have spent the last ten days or so at the bottom, a few poor selections and some horrendous bad luck, including, seeming to pick every team in Europe that has been reduced to ten men !

Think that I am over the worst of it now, last couple of days have been much better and we even got a piece of luck yesterday, when China missed a penalty very late in the game. As we were on the draw @3.30, that would have been hard to take, especially after backing Crewe on Monday @ 5.10, they took the lead and held onto it until deep in injury time, when the referee waited for a 94th minute equaliser and then instantly blew for time. Yet another official off my Christmas card list !

Anyway, I fully expect a very good weekend now, when the rot stops, the winners normally flow, so make sure that you check in regularly to the blog.

I have only covered one match on the email service today, so that will have to be kept for subscribers.

In the next fortnight, I am planning a major gamble at huge odds and hope to pass it on to readers, after subscribers have "got on", providing the odds hold up, this is the most confident I have been about anything in the last five or six years, so keep in touch.

Good Luck.

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