Wednesday, March 05, 2008


..... and a quick look back at yesterday.

Hats off to Arsenal, who made Milan look very ordinary,a6de202cd9df6fd13864d98dcfb09a464e4ccb25_m.jpgCesc Fabregas was awesome, Alexander Hleb not far behind and only Kaka showed any spark for the Italian giants, who need to do some major rebuilding. It looks very likely that we will have all four english sides in the draw for the quarter finals of the Champions League, which would be a tremendous achievement.

From one extreme to the other, the Brentford revival is over before it really begun and after a fourth successive defeat, another season of toil in League 2 lies ahead. Why is it I can always hear the song "The Only Way Is Up" playing in my head, whenever I write or think about my beloved Bees ?

I have previewed three matches on the email service today and will probably carry one of them on the blog a little later. However, I have another Big Wednesday offer from Predictuwin and if you would to receive a free copy of the newsletter, just send me an email, using the "contact us" button, at the top of the page on the new website I can only send these out until around 17.30 cet, so don't wait too long.

Back later.

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