Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Another fine day is forecast at Wimbledon and I have including a preview of one of the men's matches on the email service today, along with a very strong bet for one of today's football matches.

Feel that my analysis of this fixture is spot on and that the odds are set to tumble, the price has already fallen 4 "clicks" and I will be amazed if it is not significantly shorter by early afternoon. If possible, I will post this online later in the day.

The email service has now made over 416 points profit since late September, all results and archived newsletters are posted on the website www.predictuwin.com.

That's some 270 emails, that can be read in full, which have produced an average of well over 1.5 points profit each and every day, for nine months ! Most subscribers have paid under $2 per day for the service, even a modest $15 unit stake, would have produced over $6250 profit.

All selections are given along with full anlaysis and if you are serious about your gambling, it is a very valuable tool and will help you become a winner. It is not a get rich quick scheme, the aim is to make consistent long term profits and no one can dispute that it delivers.

Good Luck.

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