Sunday, June 01, 2008


Both bets posted on the blog eased home, Bologna won 1-0 and under three goals, there had to be four for us to lose, was NEVER in doubt.

In the Schnyder-Srebotnik tennis match, there were no doubts about my feelings and I told you that the bookmakers odds were wrong, my selection, available at 2.64, won in straight sets ! She had 14 break points compared to the "favourite's" three.

My only other selection that has so far started today and given only to subscribers, was my strongest selection of the day and a winner after 19 minutes, that's right, not looked good, but had already won after less than a quarter of the match ! I knew the conditions this match was going to be played in and so did my members.

I don't blame you for not subscribing to the email service, after all, this information, which would have been in your inbox early this morning, would have cost you whopping 93p (under $2) as a subscriber!

Pretty sure that you can find better value for your money !

For any of you that can't, details of the daily newsletter can be found on

Good Luck with your bets this week.

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