Friday, October 17, 2008


I have posted nine previews on the blog in the last seven days, one no bet, two half stake losers and six winners, hopefully, you have made a little money from the selections .

It is likely that I will post news of some kind on the blog over the weekend, but there will be no betting previews, which will be kept for subscribers only. So, if me "shooting the breeze" is not what you come to the site for and it probably isn't, you can save yourself the trouble of making any fruitless visits, but please, check back next week.

I made a fantastic half price "special offer"to those of you that contacted me in midweek and thank you for the response. As always, details of the daily newsletter can be found on the website and you are welcome to ask any questions about the service, through the "contact us" tab on the site.

The weekend following an international break, is always eagerly awaited and I wish you all, good luck with your bets .

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