Thursday, October 23, 2008




This is another shocker from the scheduling committee ! Town played at Chesterfield on Wednesday night and not only suffered a right old thumping in a 5-1 defeat, but also,several hours on the motorway and a very late return to the south-east. Now , they have to return up north to face a Rochdale side that not only put six past Chester, but have not had to move one mile from home all week and, have had an extra day's recovery time to boot ! I already sung Dale's praises before the Chester game and highlighted the number of chances they were creating, only one way we can go ,with this being a bit of a no brainer !

6.5 points Rochdale -1/2 ball 1.90 asian line..... there is a little 2.0 around if you are quick !!

Good Luck.

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