Sunday, October 05, 2008


Very briefly, the Colts season is on the line today, in what is the winless Texans first home start of the season. Having gone 7-0 in the last three seasons, to be facing 1-3 is a real wake up call for Indianapolis.

Despite playing poorly in their last start, it took a 51 yard field goal, with four seconds remaining to finish off Peyton Manning's troops and that is about as poorly as they can play. Especially defensively, where, without Bob Sanders, they were unable to stop the run. They are coming off a bye week, so, have had to live with the disappointment for a fortnight, champions do not like that !Colts have a much tougher set of fixtures coming up next and this is pretty much a season defining game. They have won 12 from 13 over Houston and I am confident that they will add to that today and cover this reasonable looking handicap.

6 points Indianapolis Colts -3 points 1.83 Vegas Line.

Good Luck.

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