Friday, October 17, 2008


I spoke briefly on Tuesday about the poor penalty decision made at Notts County on Monday, which cost my beloved Bees the full three points, one Brentford supporter took the matter up with the Referee Manager and received a response and admission of error, which is reproduced below (from the Griffin park grapevine forum). Of course, this will not help us get a payout (!), or Brentford get the two points back, but at least it shows that the officials are looking to improve, will respond to criticism if made in a reasonable manner and also explain decisions.

Back later.

Thank you for your e mail below concerning the decision made by Michael Oliver in the televised game last Monday. I know you say that you were not expecting a reply, but I hope you will accept that I do treat your constructive criticism seriously and have therefore agreed to respond myself.
Michael was incorrect to award a penalty kick. Whilst the ball did strike the arm of the Brentford player, the distance and the speed of the cross meant that this could not be deemed ‘ deliberate’. As Referee manager, I have a group of coaches with whom I work closely. I can tell you that Michael’s coach has been analysing the incident with him and he now accepts that this was very harsh at best, and incorrect in Law. He is a young Referee (22 yrs) who is a great prospect, but he will learn from this error. I know that does not help your team at the moment, but football is a human game where players as well as referees make errors (players usually more, but not too many of them apologise when they miss a penalty or an open goal). However, the referees live with the fact that their errors are seldom forgiven. I will be working with Michael, through his coach, in the coming weeks to revisit his interpretation of handball. Thank you for the constructive manner in which you have pursued this and please keep enjoying your football. Very best wishes, Dave Allison (Referee Manager for PGMOL)

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