Friday, July 10, 2009

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR ...............

We are now entering one of my favourite betting periods of the year, the pre-season friendlies !

When a little research (and I do lots), can give you a massive advantage over the bookmakers. Sometimes, teams have two or even three matches arranged over a weekend, even on the same day on occasion and bookmakers are only guessing about what line up they will field and where.

The odds makers are at a massive disadvantage during this period and I am certain that we will make good money. I rememeber 3-4 years ago having 25 winners from 27 selections in July and whilst we cannot hope to repeat that (but you never know !), we have a few weeks to get some holiday funds together.

I already know about one match this weekend, where there is a massive difference in class between the two teams, even if both were at full strength and taking things seriously, but the lower league team are set to select only from their reserve/youth squad, backed up by a couple of trialists !

Forget that extra pint down the pub, spend the time looking for team news and give yourself an edge, or sign up for the daily newsletter and I will do the work for you, it is cheaper than a glass of beer and better value for money !

Good Luck.

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