Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TUESDAY ...........

I did not post yesterday, Sunday was very busy and I needed a day to recover from Roddick -Federer . The match was not up to the standard of last year's classic, not sure that any future final will ever be, but it certainly provided plenty of drama and excitement and in it's own way, was no less thrilling.

Both blog previews on Sunday produced a profit, as did all five of the events I covered on the email service, with over 33 points profit of the day. The nine point selection I mentioned in the morning, was about as easy a winner as you will ever see. Infact, the only losing selection was the first set tie break bet in the Wimbledon final, which was frustrating, as effectively, we had 2.75 Federer to hold serve in the 12th game, which was probably trading at circa 1.03 ! Never mind !

I have only previewed one event today, a strong 8 point selection and I am undecided yet, whether or not to post this on the blog, but please check back later and take a look.

Everyone registered on the website www.predictuwin.com was sent an offer allowing them to join the service and not be charged any days until the EPL starts on August 15th. This means that all "summer" selections are free and early sign ups are already circa 50 points up ! Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the offer.

Registering on the site is free and takes only two minutes at most, it means that you will receive any future offers for the newsletter service and even the occasional freebie.

Good Luck.

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