Monday, July 13, 2009

MONDAY .......

Herr Kaymer eased home in the Barclays Scottish Open and landed a very nice bet in the process, this is a young man with the golfing world at his feet and I am certain that there is more money to be won by following him in the future.

185 players remain after the 5th day of the WSOP, South African Warren Zackay leads an international field with 4.87 m in chips. Their are four european players in the top ten, alongside just three home based players.

Phil Ivey pretty much ended where he started chip wise and is in 45th place with 1.38m in chips. Defending champion Peter Eastgate is still battling away with just under a million, european veteran Chris Bjorin has 639k and is proving that there is no substitute for experience !

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