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Having landed the Williams sisters in the final bet and also the place part of our each way wager on Venus, we can enjoy the final a little, despite having an extra 21 points + profit riding on the older sibling. However,I do think that once again bookmakers have over reacted to the semis and have made Venus a little too short for today, she would be my favourite, but looking at the odds and our position on the event, I have to suggest a little wager on Serena, but I must stress, this is only for you that have already backed Venus at the suggested circa 4.33.

4.5 points Serena Williams 2.50 to win the final.

That has freed up some additional funds that we can invest in some "special" bets on the final, markets that we have done well in this week.

Whether the match lasts two or three sets, it will surely be close, as matches between the two invarible are. Four of the last five sets they have played in the final here have gone to at least ten games, with three being decided by the exact 6-4 scoreline. When these two meet, you can almost forget the events of the previous week, it is a very strange situation for two such close sisters to face each other on tour, let alone in a grand slam final. Therefore , I see little chance in Venus running away at the start of the first set as she has done in almost every match this past fortnight, if for no other reason than she has as much trouble handling Serena's serve as anyone else.

Venus might have the slightly faster serve, but it is not as well placed as Serena's, which is a thing of beauty. The younger sister will definitely serve the more aces and although I very rarely bet at such short odds, as all of you probably know, even the 1.36 offered looks a good price. Not only is it the more effective serve, but she has a better read on her sister's than anyone else and she is such a great athlete that she can get a racquet to almost anything that is thrown at her. What the heck, this should be 1.10 in my book, so at 1.36 we can take something, there is still value in the quote and little fish are sweet !

9 points Serena to serve the most aces 1.36 Ladbrokes/ Bet Fred......... others will quote later in the day.

Looking at the first set, I am confident that there will not be more that a one break advantage to either, so see value in "over" 9.5 games and am also drawn to this 6-4 scoreline mentioned earlier, especially given that it has been widely overpriced in Serena's case, on the exchanges.

1 point Venus to win the first set 6-4 correct score 6.60 exchanges.

1.25 points Serena to win the first set 6-4 correct score 9.20 exchanges.

5 points "over" 9.5 games 1.70 Expekt ......... 1.67 general quote.

Back later.

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