Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Oxford United lost control of the game after taking an early lead over their city rivals last night. They missed a golden opportunity to score a second whilst leading 1-0 and that proved to be key, at half time they made a number of changes and lost their way.

At the WSOP just 27 players remain, three tables will play down to just one today and those nine will return in November, to battle for the bracelet and $8.5m first prize. Each will be guaranteed at least a $1m payday and all will add to that with sponsorship deals in the interim.

Darvin Moon leads the way with over 20m in chips, but all eyes are on Phil Ivey in fourth spot with over 11m, television executives will be desperate for him to make the final table, with the increased interest and viewers his appearance will bring.

Next nine players to depart will all earn $352,832 so we can surely expect the extreme low stacks, four players have under 2m in chips, to be much busier than they were late last night, when no one wanting to be eliminated on the day 8 "bubble", which cost the unlucky player $100k. It took two hours to find the 28th place finisher, Joe Ward earned that honour when his AK failed to hold up against AQ, with all the money in pre flop, see, it happens in live poker too !

Good Luck.

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