Saturday, January 16, 2010


Emmanuel Eboue demonstrated perfectly the tackle described in the blog yesterday, taking out Agyemang Opuku with a brutal two footed lunge from behind. The tackle was completely senseless, as the ball was in the opponents half of the field, in a non threatening situation and could have cost his country a quarter final place. He left the field embraced by a fatherly arm from Didier Drogba, when what he should have got was an almighty bollocking ! I very much doubt that Arsene Wenger whilst watching on television would have seen the tackle !

The Ivorians worked incredible hard with ten men and somehow eventually won 3-1, once again the standard of the match officials, the sending off aside and Ray Charles would have given that, was abysmal.

The promised thaw has arrived in the UK, at least in the south east, where underfoot conditions are incredibly wet. I am not sure how some of these lower league pitches are going to stand up today, for example I saw some photos of the hallowed turf at Griffin Park last night and it looked in good nick, but it cut up badly in the last home match and with the battering it has taken in the last 3-4 weeks, who knows what will happen after 22 burly footballers, or semi burly in the Bees case, have trampled all over it for 20-30 minutes . Think that will be a similar story at many grounds today, so keep that in mind when placing your bets.

Going to put a couple of (very) basic match previews on the blog today, so please check back later.

Good Luck.

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