Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Firstly, a few words about the Stoke-Fulham game yesterday, City drifted slowly all day long and pre kick off were available at odds against off level ball in asia. There was little need to have worried about this, as the home side were in front after 12 minutes and 3-0 up at the break, wth the visitors showing almost nothing in the opening half.

However, things are rarely that simply in the EPL and we saw the proverbial game of two halves with Fulham changing things around and coming on strong in the second 45, almost saving the game. Thankfully Stoke held on and those of us looking to hedge a little at half time were in a terrific position, with City leading by three and backed off level, we could bet Fulham giving up 1/4 ball at 2.20 and I must admit to taking a little. The three points were all that mattered to the home side, who were always going to sit on such a lead, handing the initiative to their opponents. Sports betting is a wonderful thing when it works out this well, but those days are rare and have to be savoured.

Now back to my main topic of conversation at the moment, the weather ! Huge amount of snow fell overnight in the South East of England, of course, I am talking by UK standards, I do not need any emails from Finland, who have been basking in circa -23 all week, telling me that is not real snow ! Hard to believe the Arsenal game will go ahead, with dangerous travel conditions everywhere, but more about this later.

We have a full round of matches in Serie A and conditions seem OK at most venues, although there is fog affecting Parma and Chievo, the last named is a late morning kick off and they might yet have a problem there.

Good Luck.

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