Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TUESDAY ...........

Hugely interesting day today, with virtually a full English domestic programme, I have already got involved in five games and have another three where I am looking at taking a "live" or "in running" position. Having had so many games postponed in recent weeks, the fixtures will be coming thick and fast over the next month, it is already clear that a number of teams have only been able to do limited work during the big freeze and are still a bit rusty, so that is another consideration we do not normally have at the end of January in the UK. Also, remember that we are in the final week of the transfer window and whilst the lack of movement in the EPL has said volumes about the overall state of football finances, there has still been plenty of trading at the lower levels, so make sure you know who has gone, or is going where, before getting overly involved.

I will take a brief look at a couple of games on the blog later in the day, but am going to watch the Murray-Nadal match up first, so please check back later.

Good Luck.

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