Friday, April 02, 2010

FRIDAY ..............

No real previews, but two from two in the blog yesterday, with Fulham taking a lead to Germany for the second leg and Valencia and Atletico sharing four goals, in a match that could not have been more open. It was an end to end thriller and if you did not watch the match live, I suggest that you take a look at the highlights, which should take about 80 minutes !

Wayne Rooney is out of action for 2-3 weeks and will be sorely missed by United, but I wonder if this is a blessing in disguise for the national team. He has been playing at such a high level for so long this season and carrying far too much responsibility within the team, that sooner or later, something was going to crack and if this is really just a short term injury, it might be better in the greater scheme of things to have a little time out.

Today, is a holiday in the UK and I want to spend some time with my family. I do have a massive five selections (!), including a strong pick amongst the non league fixtures and will try to post something on the blog later in the day, but cannot commit to anything at the moment and it might just be a line or two.

Good Luck.

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