Sunday, April 11, 2010

SUNDAY ..........

I have three selections today, which include my second and third maximum bets of 2010, so it is going to be a massive or expensive day !

My beloved Brentford put in one of their better performances of the season yesterday and despite having little, to play for, they thumped playoff chasing Huddersfield 3-0. The first half was pretty even, but only one side in it after the break.

This was in stark contrast to their performance in the 0-0 draw with Exeter on monday, but the players admitted to being tired and out on their legs for that game and the five day break was clearly much needed. Brentford are a club on the up, look booked for a top 10/11 finish on their return to Division 1 and must have a chance of a playoff spot next season. From a purely selfish point of view, I would like to see Norwich, Leeds and Millwall all up by one route or the other this year and prefer neither Sheffield Wednesday or Crystal Palace, who would be big players at this level to come down. Not asking much am I ?

Southampton will be many people's (my) idea of favourites, but it is hard to see the division being stronger than this year and it would not take too much improvement to see the Bees get an extra dozen points or so next time round........... it's nice to dream !

Back later.

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