Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am interested in three games today, one in particular, where I have placed two bets on the match in question, one of which is just my fifth "maximum" bet of the year, so, I am effectively betting triple units on one game, which is big for me.
My plans are to put something online this afternoon, what this is exactly, depends on how the market reacts in the meantime.

I have not taken a position on either of the Champions League matches yet, but am genuinely excited by the Barcelona-Inter game tomorrow and at this stage do not have a preference. It would be fantastic (for the game) to see the hosts say one up at the break, or with 30 minutes to play and just watch it unfold.

Tonight I guess most neutrals will be rooting for Lyon, Bayern are not the most popular club ( well, they are German after all........ only joking !) and Louis Van Gaal, with or without his notepad, is a difficult man to love, although doubtless his family would say otherwise ! Having said all that, I was very disappointed by the lack of ambition shown by Lyon in the first leg, so I am sitting on the fence for this one.

Back later.

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