Sunday, May 16, 2010


Not a good day for me yesterday and when Frank Lampard stepped forward to take that penalty, I just knew.............

The normally dependable midfielder who regularly scores more than most EPL strikers, did not even hit the target and it was just one of those days.

I am going to Wembley today, my brother in law is an Oxford United supporter and has managed to drag me along. "Business" aside, it is rare for me to attend any game that does not involve my beloved Brentford nowadays, but I have not yet been to the "new" (when can we stop calling it that ?) Wembley yet and this is an opportunity to tick that particular box and check out a couple of lower level teams. I have spoken about United many times, they are a massive club at this level and have sold some 37,000 tickets for today, about four and a half times as many as York City, unfortunately for Oxford, they can only field eleven at a time, but they will definitely have an extra man in the crowd.

I have been at one of these playoff finals before when there was a similar crowd split (guess who that involved ?) and believe me it is a huge advantage, I would say far more than for a home game in some ways, as you expect the venue to be neutral. Anyway, for the sake of a happier day out, I shall be hoping that Oxford return to the Football League today, when they could be big players in Division 2 next season.

However, I shall leave that match alone for the purposes of the blog and will return shortly with a selection at far more rewarding odds...... time to gamble !

Good Luck.

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