Sunday, May 02, 2010

SUNDAY .....

Grimsby secured a famous win yesterday meaning that their "great escape" is still on and doubtless we will return to that next weekend. Just as importantly for us, it meant another winner on the blog, making twelve correct from the last 14 selections, or eleven and a half if you want to be pedantic and doubtless someone will !

I have been very busy this morning, four straight football selections, my second golf bet of the year, hoping to build on the Masters success and several "fun" bets, which is not my normal style, for the Championship matches, where I have spotted a big trend on this, the final day of the regular season.

I did send my personal notes on all of these to some of you that have written to me recently, but these are very basic and not anything I would feel comfortable posting on the blog..... we have to keep up standards you know ! Therefore, as I am very short of time, it will not be possible for me to preview anything on the blog today and it is not just because I am sulking as my beloved Bees (unjustly, of course) saw their long unbeaten run ended at Swindon yesterday !

Good Luck with all your bets today and please check back tomorrow.

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