Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WEDNESDAY ............

Not much joy recently, although we have basically been on the right track with most bets, Huddersfield were well in the tie last night until the second goal came late and I would like to have the Serie A final round replayed and to place our bet on the Atalanta- Palermo game a second time. The home side alone had 26 attempts on goal in that game and on another day, this match would have produced five or more goals.

On a more positive side, we have still won with 15 of our last 23 bets, so it is hard to complain too much. Also, my beloved Bees finished the season in 9th spot, ahead of Bristol Rovers, which I will be able to make use of next time I have dinner with my friend, who's entire family are Gasheads !

I watched Oxford get promoted to the Football League on sunday, it was just about deserved although the 3-1 scoreline flattered them a bit. I suspect that United will do well in Division 2 next season and aside from Bradford City, it is difficult to think of a bigger club at that level, maybe Southend, but they still have big financial problems. The U's will probably average 8-9,000 crowds in the fourth tier and I understand that their finances are in reasonable shape now, after some very tricky times. The club will have received a massive boost in that regard, with some 50,000 of their own fans at the three playoff games, they took 33,000 to Wembley alone, more than either Chelsea or Portsmouth were allowed for the Cup Final and goodness knows how much they spent in the club shop last week, with the whole crowd seemingly dressed in yellow.A club on the up !

I have three selections today, but only basic notes and no time to write any more on the blog today, but I have sent these notes by email to everyone that has written to me in some form or other recently.

Good Luck.

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head said...

Would like to receive some of your notes when you have no time to post them on blog if possible ;)

Thanks in advance!