Thursday, June 24, 2010

59-59 ...........

Not the score from the Lakers-Celtics game, but the current situation in the fifth set of Mahut-Isner, the longest match in tennis history ! Trust me to pick this one as my only bet at Wimbledon so far ! At least we get plenty of games for our money !

Mahut has won 82 games so far, that would normally be enough to see him into the quarter finals, instead not only is he still in the first round, the frenchman is effectively exactly where he started, three days ago !

Elsewhere, England put in a much improved performance yesterday, but still made the nation sit through a nail biting ten minutes at the end and now face Germany (of course) on Sunday . I had only my second double stakes match bet of the tournament with a double (very rare bet for me) on England-USA at a shade over 3.0. The US left it very late to find a winner, but it was certainly deserved and it made for a VERY exciting afternoon.

I am passing the early games today, but will be back later with some basic notes about Group E, by which time I hope that Mahut will be in round 2 !!!!

Good Luck.

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