Friday, June 18, 2010


The UK media have been unendingly scathing on England since the USA "debacle" and god help them if they do not beat Algeria convincingly today. I understand that the squad are far happier playing in Cape Town and that training has gone very well in recent days, England tend to improve as competition wears on and playing back at sea level, we should see them close to their best this evening. The African side will not change their game plan, a draw will keep them alive and they would probably accept that now, it will be ten men behind the ball and maybe look to steal a goal on the break. However, England have a good record against teams from this continent infact they have never lost to an African side (11-4-0) and will have massive support in the stadium, with maybe 90% of the crowd supporting them and once they take the lead, which might not be too early, so don't panic, surely even the ultra negative Algerians will have to come out of their shell and then we should see a second or maybe even a third goal. Gareth Barry returns to the holding role which is absolutely vital for England and allows the rest of the midfield to play a more natural role, but let's not get too involved in the Lampard /Gerrard argument at this stage. England to record a bithday win for coach Capeelo, who was born 64 years ago today .

England -1.5 goals 1.95

Good Luck.

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