Friday, June 18, 2010

FRIDAY ......

Good Morning ! A moment of utter madness cost us very dear in the Nigeria game yesterday, but all was not lost and I hope that a number of you took the big hint about Mexico written some 22 days before the game and linked to in yesterday's post, when I said ......

Finally for now, France have it very tough in their second game, when, after opening in Cape Town at sea level, they make the ultra long journey to Polokwane, which is like another world, there they will meet Mexico, who will not only be stepping down from JoBurg, but most of the squad will have grown up at altitude with Guadalajara at 1600m and Mexico City 2200m. The 3-1 about the Mexicans in places looks very tempting at this early stage .

That was exactly the type of game I was looking for in my whole post about altitude and conditions in South Africa and hopefully it hit home.

It now looks like the competition has started in earnest and we even have the "arranged " draw fixture to look forward to, but I am not fully convinced about that yeat and doubtless we will discuss it further after the weekend.

Good Luck.

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