Sunday, June 20, 2010


Oh My, England were very poor, that is all I wish to say about Friday !

You did not miss much yesterday, my main interest was in the late game, where I bet Cameroon off level ball at good odds and "over" 2 goals at a fraction over evens. So a tiny, tiny profit, but the african side had enough chances (23 attempts, most of which were blocked by a body lying on the ground !) to have claimed at least a point and should be kicking themselves (they would probably miss.... boom boom !) that they are the first team eliminated from the competition.

I will discuss all three games today, but will just have very brief notes and am suggesting just small stakes, as I have far stronger ideas for the next couple of days.

Slovakia + 0.25 2.13 IBC
Slovakia - Paraguay "over" 2 goals 1.93 SBO/IBC

Paraguay set themselves up to get a point in their opener with Italy and despite stating that they will field a far more attack minded line up today, especially now that all four strikers are available, I doubt that their approach will change too much at least early in the game and with New Zealand still to play, they know that another point will leave them in very good shape to qualify for the knockout stages. Slovakia took their foot off the gas and allowed NZ a very late equaliser, a goal which left them devastated and with Italy still to play, they really need to look for the three points today. The South American backline is very short and Slovakia can put them under a lot of pressure especially from set pieces with several players 1.87m plus, the european side admitted that they were nervous in their opener, but have said they are beyond that now and over the disappointment of throwing away the two points. I expect both teams to score and the match to get stretched after the break with Slovakia taking chances, let's say a 2-2 draw.

Back later.

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Sport said...

Hi again,

the "small stakes" part brings up another general question I asked myself for a while:

What staking system do you use?

I supposed flat stakes, but a search on your blog brought up nothing at first until I checked some older posts and found suggested "points".
My guess now is you're generally leaving staking as an exercise to the reader (which makes perfect sense, of course, since I'd do it anyway), but the question remains why you're no longer suggesting stakes and if you have some general insight to share (maybe a post I didn't find?

Thanks again and good luck!