Wednesday, August 11, 2010

" EL TRI" ...... THE NEXT GENERATION .........


Think it will be very tough for the world champions, who travel to Mexico with a strong squad albeit without Iniesta and Torres, but short of rest and against the better judgement of their club's. The World Cup final was only a month ago and with the domestic season still 18 days away from a restart, most of these players are at a key early start of their preseason training. Barcelona in particular have been very vocal about this, but complaints have fallen on the deaf ears of Vicente del Bosque, although I understand that he will use plenty of substitutes and not make too many demands on any of his stars. As we have discussed many times, Mexico City is at an altitude of 2260m, to put this into context, Madrid is the highest capital city in europe at just 660m, so this will be a major issue, in addition to which, the match will be played in humid, stormy conditions.

Hosts are taking this very seriously and have named a strong side, with an emphasis on youth ......

Mexico’s confirmed line-up: Ochoa, Juarez, Moreno, Maza, Salcido, Torrado, Marquez, Guardado, Giovanni, Vela and Chicharito.

This is considered the golden generation of mexican football, half of whom were involved in the 2005 U17 World Cup winning side and they have grown up together. We saw glimpses of their potential in South Africa and now is their time, with the older guard having stepped down.

This match is to celebrate 200 years of independence from Spain ( Bicentenario) and will be played in front of a huge crowd desperate for some world champion blood ! Hosts with a start looks good .

Mexico +0.25 2.02

Good Luck.

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