Thursday, August 12, 2010


Mexico led for 80 minutes last night before David Silva found an equaliser deep in injury time to rob us of half our winnings. I was only able to watch about 75% of the game, so cannot really say too much, but on what I saw, the hosts were very unlucky not to earn a famous victory over the world champions.

However, we have kept the fantastic run going and I have some very strong ideas for the weekend ahead, with a potential three double stake selections, which is going to make for an exciting couple of days. After a summer where the asian markets have been difficult to play, at least from europe, with low limits almost across the board, it has been pleasing to see decent stakes available in the past week or so, at least on the day of the game and hopefully this will continue. It is hard enough to find winners without the constant worry about "getting on" too, which was the problem in the old days, when the traditional bookmakers were the only option.

I had half made up my mind to just concentrate on four divisions this season, two in the UK and two in mainland europe, where I knew limits would be good, as I simply do not want to pick in leagues where stakes are limited, but that would have meant not picking in leagues that are arguably my strongest, so a real dilemma, hopefully this is a decision I will not now have to make.

This weekend will tell us a little more and I have fingers crossed that messsrs Sbobet and IBC will be open for business on the Conference, where I have some incredible ideas this season. I have watched several of these teams in warm up games and even two in training sessions (sad I know) and feel I have a really good grasp on where most of these teams are and do not want all this work to go to waste.

As always I will try to post what I can on the blog, but as you know my general approach has changed with far fewer selections (the benefits of which are clear) and the situation has not been helped by the staking problems, I just wanted you to fully understand my dilemma.

No selections on here today, please check back later in the week and good luck !

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