Sunday, August 29, 2010

SUNDAY .....

Both selections won yesterday and that puts us in front for the week, actually I think that the blog has shown a profit every week since early June, but I stand to be corrected on that and am sure that someone will !

Not tempting fate by saying that, as I am not posting any previews on here today, I am very interested in one EPL game, but will keep that to myself.

As a kind of follow up to my recent post where I covered a couple of regularly asked questions by readers, I often get a request for complete results for the blog with ROI and such like. Well, I do not keep those stats . The reason being that they have no meaning to me, they are only a fraction of my betting portfolio and it is not like I am trying to sell anything through the blog, I don't really carry links on the site, or advertise it or any product in any way.

If anyone has any business proposals to make to me ( which is how these conversations normally start), they can surely find out what they need to know by reading a few of the 3500 + posts, where it must surely be clear that I have learnt something over the last couple of decades . Even when I explain this to readers, they often then ask for my personal stats, which I find amazing, as they could just be pulled out of thin air and how would anyone ever know ? On the odd occasion that I have complied with this request, they then usually query them by return !

Looking back at yesterday's football, I made some notes pre season ( some of you were sent those) about how difficult it would be for Tottenham to compete in a first ever Champions League camapign and also stay competitive in the EPL. We have seen this before, recent examples that spring to mind are Atletico Madrid last season who laboured into 9th spot in La Liga and who are a club similar in many ways to the North London side and Real Sociedad, who probably regret their CL year of 2003-4, a season they never really recovered from. Of course, I am not saying that I fancied Wigan to win yesterday, but I would not be rushing to take Spurs giving up circa two goals to any EPL side this season, let alone straight after a very emotional and vital CL tie a few days earlier.

Elsewhere, Blackpool are going to be fun to watch again this season, their 4-3-3 formation at home to Fulham was brave after the thumping at the Emirates and they are likely to be equally as gung ho for their next two, which are Newcastle and Chelsea, both on the road ! Some unacceptable things have gone on off the pitch at Bloomfield Road, but all credit to the supporters, players and coaching staff who are a breath of fresh air in the EPL.

As for my beloved Bees, I am sulking and do not wish to discuss them this weekend ! But we finally got a decent cup draw, Everton beware !

Good Luck.

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