Sunday, September 04, 2011


Bit late with my notes today, but the email has just been sent, please check your inbox immediately, selections at 2.02, 2.36 and 2.20.

With regard to the blog, the "over" bet was landed yesterday, but Scunthope United had to settle for a draw, they played for 50 minutes with ten men despite which they dominated, with 20 attempts on goal and have to be rated a very unlucky half stake "loser".

Brentford won 1-0 at Walsall, they have yet to hit their stride this season and have only really played to their potential on one occasion. As they are in fourth , just four points off the top, that is very encouraging for those on at 34.0 to win and 9.0 ( now 4.5) for promotion. The coach has also made a couple of errors IMO, but this is a learning process for him and hopefully, he along with the squad, is going to get stronger the longer the season goes. To win at Walsall with 6-7 players missing augurs well.

Good Luck.

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