Monday, May 21, 2012

MONDAY .....

There were two blog previews posted early in the day on here yesterday and both Lille and Napoli obliged at very nice odds of 2.20 and 3.50, I hope that some of you backed one or both.

A couple of things to cover today....
I have decided to stop sending out the semi-regular "freebie" emails ( previously advertised to the left of this post), it seems a little pointless when the daily service is so cheap (2-3 euros per day) and there is some free to view content on here in any case. I will have occasional free trials like the one offered the week before last, but in future, you will have to opt in for those , as and when they are offered.

I am frequently asked about the Feedburner email ( see below LHS of the page), this is a third party service and is just a copy of any posts, which have been published on here in the previous 24 hours and is sent out at a set time each day ( circa 13.15 UK time). If I post something on here at even 13.20 it would not be sent out until the next day. I have no control over this and it is not MY email service. My notes are sent out immediately and directly to subscribers, usually at 10.00 each morning, on busy days like yesterday, there are often two emails.

Content which appears on here is 5-10% at most of what appears in my daily notes, a taster if you like.

Today , for example, I have previewed two matches in the Irish Premier League at very attractive odds of 2.07 and circa 2.375, neither of which I will be able to post on here . Hopefully that will clarify matters a little.

Good Luck.

UPDATE 22.19 : Both IPL selections won tonight , that's ten winners from 14 red type selections over the weekend ( Friday-Monday) at average odds of 2.44 + .

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