Sunday, May 20, 2012


Exciting day yesterday, not only did we see a German side lose a penalty shootout and what were Bayern playing at there ? Manuel Neuer took the third and OK, he scored, but if he missed what sort of mental state would he have been in to try and save the remaining attempts from the Blues, he was followed by a terrified looking Ivica Olic and worst was to come, when Bastian Schweinsteiger stepped up to take the 5th.

All credit to him for volunteering, but this was a player, vice captain and leader of men, who could not even bear to watch when Arjen Robben took a spot kick during extra time, relying on his baby faced keeper to tell him if the ill fated Dutchman had scored, what sort of example was this setting to his team mates ? I know he was only denied by the width of a post, but he was NEVER going to score that penalty. Nice to know the Germans are faillible too, interesting to see how they fare in any Euro 2012 shoot outs !

My double staked, "maximum" bet won yesterday, that makes us three from three with these for 2012 at odds of 2.0, 2.20 and 2.29 and the day ended well with a win for Chivas in the MLS. Part of that post was reproduced in the blog yesterday ( see post below), full preview read ....


The first SuperClasico of the season, Chivas are the home side, but both share the Home Depot Center, so only advantage will be with the number of respective supporters. LAG have bossed this series in recent years, being unbeaten in six h2h meetings and losing just one of the last eight of these "away" games, with 50% of them draws. Neither team has exactly set the MLS on fire this season, champions LAG have won just three of their ten starts, which is very similar to the record of the "hosts", but most galling for Chivas is their home form, which has seen them go 0-0-5 this season, this is a monkey they need off their backs as soon as possible and I think that will give them even bigger motivation, if that were possible, against their biggest rival this evening. Problem for them has been the large number of late goals conceded, they have allowed six goals against them after the 76th minute and two after the 89th in each of their last two, both of which cost them points, they led at San Jose for 85 minutes, so the late equaliser was hugely disappointing. That was enough for the club and they made two huge trades this week, general manager Jose Domene gave up Heath Pearce and Michael Lahoud two popular players who did not fit his vision for the future and were surplus to the squad's needs and brought in Danny Califf a hugely exerienced defender and striker Juan Agudelo, two positions where Chivas were desperately short. This is seen by all connected with the club as very good business indeed. LAG have had plenty of distractions in the last seven days,  the whole club were at the White House early in the week to meet the President, including David Beckham, who then flew to Athens and then London to perform Olympic duties. All in all, at the odds offered, I am keen to take the "hosts" getting a handicap start, the two new signings arrived in LA on Thursday night, so will have two days practice and both should start, Calff should make a big and immediate impact, steadying the backline. Chivas +0.25 ball 2.12 asian line.

The hosts won 1-0 and Beckham, after flying LA-Montreal-Washington- Athens-London- LA in the previous 8-9 days, only played for 16 minutes .

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