Saturday, April 28, 2007


I have to side with the visitors, defeat for Schalke last night has blown the title race wide open and a win for Stuttgart this afternoon, will close the gap to just one point.

They could hardly arrive in better form, with 4 straight wins, scoring an impressive 11 goals, with 3 comparatively easy looking fixtures remaining after today, they must be greedily eyeing up the Bundesliga trophy.

This is in stark contrast to BMG, where confidence is very low and morale, even lower. They are 8 points and an inferior goal difference from safety and the word is, that the players have given up. BMG have only one goal and a single point from 5 starts and will have to, at least look, for the win, as anything less is likely to seal their fate. This should play into the visitor's hands and I expect an away victory.

4 points Stuttgart -3/4 ball 1.85 asian line. won 1-0 +1.70 pts

Good Luck.

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