Monday, April 23, 2007


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we have some incredibly interesting matches today and plenty of choice, with games from a dozen or so countries.

I will definitely be putting a selection online mid to late morning and details then, of when any other posts are likely to be available. Only football today by the way, we have tennis from Barcelona and will certainly be getting involved there later in the week, but I shall pass on that for now.

There was no classic in Monte Carlo yesterday, Rafa was simply too good, on that form no one will ever beat him on clay. Federer looked lost and I was left feeling sorry for the greatest player of his and maybe any generation, which puts Nadal's performance into perspective. Awesome !

Not a great Sunday, but it was nice to finish with a winner and we were a little unlucky, Wolves missed an injury time penalty and I felt unable to post the Chievo bet on GOWI as the odds had fallen too far. I have received some emails about this general subject and am going to post something later, regarding the time that bets are posted on the blog and the reasoning behind that. Will try to do that today or tomorrow, as I feel it is important.

However, a VERY pleasing week, the statistics can be found below and the last 10 days have been amazing, with 72% winners and almost 90 points profit !

32 bets , 22 winners (68.75 %) profit + 48.064 points ROI 33.26% (144.5)

That is the 41st winning week from 55.

Back later.

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