Monday, April 30, 2007


You can read thousand of column inches about the play off matches, everything you may wish to know, including what they had for breakfast, is probably covered somewhere.

So I am only going to discuss the game briefly. My opinion is that Denver, do not really BELIEVE, that they can win this game. So much sport is played between the ears and the Spurs performance and win in Game 3, not only gave them a 2-1 lead in the series, but also a huge psychological edge.

This is now the 4th year running that the Nuggets have gone 2-1 down in the first round play-off and on each occasion, they have gone on to lose games 4 and 5.

How many times do you think this has gone through the mind, of every single player in the last 48 hours ?

Home advantage seems minimal, in recent years Denver are 28% at home post season, San Antonio, over 57% on the road.

The visitors are my confident choice.

4.5 points San Antonio to beat Denver 1.80 general quote. won 96-89 + 3.6 pts

Good Luck.

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