Sunday, April 15, 2007


Following a very poor Thursday, we managed to turn the week around, with a wonderful run of results over the weekend.

The blog tipped 3 winners from 4 selections on Friday, 5 from 7 on Saturday and an incredible 6 out of 7 on Sunday, where only Parma, who dominated and had 17 attempts on goal, prevented another "Magnificent 7 " and stopped me from rolling out the 1960's movie poster again !

Selections since Friday, have included winners at odds of 8.60, 5.65, 4.85 and 3.90. Just three days that could have returned you big profits, a 10 euro unit stake on all suggested wagers would have earned over 408 euros, applying a 100 euro stake, the returns grow to a massive 4087. 5 euros and so on, you do the maths !


w54 29 bets 16 winners ( 55.17%) profit + 24.407 pts ROI 20.68 % (118)

Final word and then I will put the trumpet away, this was the blog's 40th winning week, out of 54.

Check back on Monday, when we will start the quest for number 41.........

Good Night !

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